No matter the size or shape of your business in 2019, there’s no doubt that it can benefit from high-quality data management. Even the smallest business can struggle to keep track of its sales cycles using more traditional methods, which is why CRM software for sales is such a growing, and valuable, market.

CRM (customer relationship management) software is all about nurturing the relationship between your business and your customers. From taking note of their contact details to remembering their preferences. Smart, sales-focused CRM software can help you to impress the people who really matter with useful insights – leading to better conversations and ultimately, more sales.

What is the best sales CRM

How can CRM software benefit your sales team?

CRM software can be used by many departments, from the marketing team when it comes to defining campaigns and messaging, to the finance team keeping an eye on forecasted sales and budgeting. The benefits of CRM are definitely business-wide, but it’s the sales team that has the potential to fuel its fire more than anyone else.

Good data management can help your sales team, and your business, to build a bank of quality business contacts, which is something all businesses need to do. Turning these into meaningful relationships will see you reaping the rewards of sales lead organisation.

In larger teams, CRM software can help salespeople to better manage their own territories. Giving each person their own digital space in which to store information and progress notes that can easily be shared with other members of the business. This system helps to keep the general sales cycle of the business neat and easy to follow, enabling other departments to keep up to date with how existing and potential sales leads are progressing.

Finding the right sales CRM software for your business can help your sales team to:

  • Organise their contacts effectively and efficiently
  • Keep track of key conversations and customer preferences
  • Easily update the wider team on sales cycle progress
  • Build a contact list with added detail 
  • Stay motivated throughout the sales funnel process

All of these positive points are working towards the same goal, and that’s to convert more leads into sales.

What is the best CRM software for sales?

The best CRM software for sales includes Salesforce, Hubspot, Freshsales and Pipedrive. Each offers unique benefits that may be suited to your business model more than others, but all of them are fine-tuned and geared towards the sales process and enabling you to make as many conversions as possible.


As a big name in the CRM world, there’s no surprise this one is a top pick. As well as offering plenty of great overall CRM options, Salesforce offers a specific Sales Cloud feature that enables your sales team to access customer information and lead progress whether in the office or working remotely. 

With a dedicated app, the Salesforce Sales Cloud can help to make sure updates are made in real time and not forgotten about between face-to-face meetings and desk time. Being able to utilise this software on the move can make life easier for busy sales reps who want to spend valuable time making contact with potential and current customers, rather than dealing with admin.

If you’re looking to fuel your revenue with a serious sales boost, Salesforce CRM can help you to:

  • Organise your contacts in an easy-to-manage format
  • Update your leads from anywhere with cloud-based software and personalised apps
  • Tailor your approach depending on customer preferences
  • Move seamlessly through the final step with quote, invoice and billing management
  • Track important data to help nurture relationships

Named as the world’s number one CRM for five years running, there’s no doubting the power of Salesforce. It also boasts an extensive help service, on-hand to assist with any issues or queries your team may have. This can be crucial when it comes to getting the most out of your investment.


Freshsales is the sales-specific CRM software from Freshworks. It has a focus on lead management and clearer customer communications, helping sales teams to keep things moving along the sales funnel and generate as much revenue as possible. The key benefits of its offering include:

  • Integrated communication tools, to easily get in touch with prospects
  • Lead scoring, to help establish the most promising potential customers based on behaviours
  • Conversation insights to better-approach contacts
  • Email alerts for streamlined responses
  • Visual sales pipelines for easy progress tracking 

With over 15,000 companies using the Freshsales platform, it is well-liked for its simple interface and built-in features. It allows users to simply view the progress of leads and actively communicate with them and move them along the sales cycle.

Freshsales CRMKeeping everything in one place is the key selling point of Freshsales CRM software. It can not only streamline your sales process but help to clear the headspace of those using the software. With little reason to dip in and out of other tools, it helps to keep people on task and progress on track.


For sales CRM software that packs a punch when it comes to selling, look to Pipedrive. Built for ‘minimum input and maximum output’, it gets straight to the point when it comes to the groundwork behind those all-important business sales.

Like others in this area, simplicity is key for Pipedrive. A single-look dashboard allows you to see everything you need to at first glance, ensuring that teams are looking at the same overview and are on the same page when it comes to business-wide updates.

Pipedrive CRM can help your sales team to:

  • Waste less time on admin with automated conversation tracking
  • Record sales progress at each step to make better judgements on next steps
  • Adopt a universal format that everyone can add to and understand
  • Focus on the selling, rather than tracking and reporting

Pipedrive CRMLast year, Pipedrive raised a serious amount of funding to help compete with the big names in the sales CRM world. This investment has enabled Pipedrive to turn from a start-up CRM provider to one that is topping the ratings for many different reasons.


Hubspot is a well-known name when it comes to quality CRM software and its focus on sales makes it even more attractive for ambitious, growing businesses. One of the stand-out benefits of Hubspot is that it is free – boasting a host of great features and tools that won’t cost your business a penny.

Using Hubspot CRM software could boost your sales output thanks to its:

  • Real-time notifications, letting you know when prospects are interacting with your messages
  • Scheduled responses to keep conversations moving around the clock
  • Live chat feature enabling quicker interaction from your website visitors
  • Automated data capture, saving time and energy
  • Pipeline syncing for improved visibility and cross-business integration

Hubspot CRMHubspot continues to impress business owners across the world, with many considering it the best sales-driven CRM around. The dedicated sales platform from Hubspot is an extension of the software’s base CRM offering. It can be upgraded at a cost, which is more suited to sales teams rather than sales individuals, though it does aim to amplify your selling power with the help of improved integration and over 27 additional features.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is another all-in-one, affordable, next-generation CRM system designed to boost your business sales beyond their current potential. With a host of happy customers and a free plan for up to 10 users, it’s easy to see why it’s a name that pops up time and again.

The great points about Agile CRM include:

  • Automated sales and marketing activity, helping to ensure a consistent approach
  • An extensive support system to hand 
  • Cloud-based features that can be used on the move 
  • Fast, simple usability 
  • Affordable package options to suit your individual business needs

Agile CRMThe sales-focused area of Agile CRM helps you to keep track of stages and milestones as well as organising your real-life appointments in a way that’s easy to follow and geared towards keeping things moving along the sales cycle. Manage task lists and enjoy collaborative goals with this all-in-one platform that’s perfect for your sales-driven business.

Choosing the best CRM software for your sales team

There are many plus points for all of the big-name CRM options. It’s important to filter down to what’s going to be most beneficial to your team. Whether they need sales CRM they can use on the go; or a product that provides detailed analytics at the touch of a button. Whatever they decide is highest up on their priority list, it’s vital that they are properly introduced to the system and able to get on board with using it- otherwise it will simply go to waste.

Making the most of free product trials and readily-available product advisors is key to getting the most out of your sales-focused CRM too, as well as getting your sales team on board as soon as possible.

FInd all you need to know about the best CRM software on We list all the most popular options available on the market, and you can compare prices, features and other key details. You can also rely on authorised reviews from current users of the software.

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