When it comes to running a small business, budget is precious and the quality of your daily operational tools can make all the difference. That may be why you’re considering the best free CRM software for small businesses. A centralised organisation system can save a lot of time and hassle, leaving you more able to focus on the job in hand and the bigger picture.

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Whether it’s traditional overhead costs or digital expenses, there are plenty of unavoidable bills in business. So for any small business looking to manage their customer relationships effectively, it’s good to know there are great quality software systems out there ready to use, that won’t make a dent in the pocket – at all.

Using free CRM software doesn’t necessarily mean you’re opting for a second-rate option. Of course, paid CRM systems can offer some amazing features to improve sales generation and get your team working closely together. But while you find your feet as a smaller business, a free CRM system can certainly kick-start you on your way.

Why does your business need CRM software?

In this day and age, customer relationships are vital to success. From traditional in-person interactions to social media communities, there are more touch-points than ever between your business and your customers. Keeping on top of them is a non-negotiable priority, though it can be a time-consuming, costly task.

A CRM system helps to centralise all of these interactions, giving you the best overall picture of how your business is dealing with its customer relationships. It manages the data that you are obtaining from customers; from their contact details to their purchasing preferences and everything in between. CRM systems are designed to integrate various areas of your business, bringing them to a central point that you can easily manage.

With all of that in mind, there are plenty of considerations to make when looking at CRM systems, such as

  • Who will take ownership of your CRM system?
  • Which is the easiest CRM to use?
  • What is the best free CRM for sales?

What is the best free CRM system?

Whether you want to boost sales, improve internal communications or analyse your marketing efforts, there are plenty of free CRM software choices for small businesses.

To help you get started, here are a few stand-out options:


Chances are, you’ve heard of this one. It’s certainly a recognised name among digital marketers, and for all the right reasons. So you may be thinking,  is HubSpot CRM really free?  Well yes, it really can be!

Hubspot’s free CRM system allows you to store vast amounts of data with unlimited users. From email tracking and hosting company documents, to logging prospects and detailed analytics. Inbound marketing insiders have plenty to say about the features of Hubspot’s free CRM sales and marketing tools. Through variations of their best features, they are bringing many businesses the joy of an integrated CRM system, without any cost.

Zoho Office Suite

With over 45 million global users, Zoho office suite certainly has an audience size to back up its glowing reputation. Zoho offers a free plan for up to three users, which can help out with visitor tracking, chasing leads and basic workflow management.

Zoho’s focus is on helping you to sell smarter, better, and faster – so if sales is an ultimate focus on your CRM ticklist, this is one to check out. It’s a system that wants you to get straight to the point, and let’s face it, any business can get on board with that mentality.


For up to two users, Insightly offers a free CRM plan to help your small business engage more leads, integrate your social media channels and manage various projects in one central space. Helping you to grow your business faster, Insightly has a focus on worldwide reach with over 25,000 companies worldwide using its services.


Known for its clean, sleek interface, Freshsales CRM system is a favourite among small business owners and employees who want to jump right in and get on with it. While there are four main tiers of pricing plans, there is a ‘Sprout’ free option for a quickfire, start-up plan. Helping you to get your communications and data in order when it comes to leads, contacts, mobile apps and general integration.


With an Apptivo starter plan, three business users can share contacts and reports, as well as receive standard software support. This type of system is designed for you to easily add on paid services as and when you require them, which is great for supporting your business as it grows.

How will a free CRM system benefit your small business?

With any small business, there’s a need for an all-hands-on-deck approach. So anything that can make life easier with those daily tasks is sure to be a welcome addition. A free CRM system can be a great help when it comes to overall visibility – allowing sales and marketing specialists to easily see what the business is up to, and how each department is feeding into the aims and goals of the operation.

Nurturing relationships, progressing leads and retaining data are all vital components for growing your small business, which is why CRM systems are considered such a valuable tool. With so many great, free platforms available, there’s no need to struggle by without such indispensable assistance.

Manage your free CRM system effectively and reap the rewards

As with any online or app-based CRM system, your team will need to get accustomed with usability, which is why most of the leading names have a raring-to-go support team on hand. It’s important to put a little investment into learning how to use your CRM system effectively so that you can hit the ground running and make the most of its benefits with no initial user frustration.

Whether or not a free CRM system can make a positive difference to your business is a no-brainer, how well it can perform is really down to choosing the right one for your requirements. EXPERTcomparison.com lists all the most popular CRM software, including all the best free options suitable for small businesses. Check out the products, read the reviews, and make your choice with the peace of mind that you’re doing so using an impartial software comparison site that puts your needs first.

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