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  • What is included in the free membership?

    A free user account with EXPERTcomparison allows you to create and manage the content on your dedicated software product page.

  • Is the free membership really free?

    Yes. It’s completely free.

  • Why is EXPERTcomparison free? is free for users because software providers can pay for PREMIUM and EXPERT subscriptions. The PREMIUM and EXPERT subscriptions allow software Companies to promote their software. does not list just the software providers that pay a subscription. The software platform is an open listing website which any vendor can contribute to. We believe in being open and transparent so that any user can make the most informed choice possible. is a vendor agnostic service and we aim to provide a level playing field for all software providers to showcase their features and benefits, as well as collect user reviews.

  • How can a software vendor respond to a review? provides a platform whereby any software provider can reply to any comment left on the software vendor’s page. A software provider can access the ability to repond to reviews with a PREMIUM subscription.

  • How should we deal with a negative review?

    At we understand that reviews can be both positive and negative. We appreciate that a negative review can be upsetting and very concerning. Vendors on our platform can turn a negative review into a positive scenario though. Vendors can positively deal with product misunderstandings, bugs or features lacking. It can improve the software product as well as provide valuable input into the development of the software product roadmap. Vendors who proactively and constructively deal with reviews are also respected for their customer interaction skills.

  • How will I know a review has been left on my software?

    As a PREMIUM or EXPERT subscriber you will receive automatic notifications of new verified and published software reviews by email.

  • We haven't asked to collect reviews, why are they published on your site?

    Visitors to are encouraged to leave a review of their experience using any of the software products listed on our website. We are an independent user-content driven website and do not ask for permission from a vendor before publishing a software product review. All vendors are treated equally and cannot opt out of receiving reviews. has a mission to allow users to make fully informed choices using the community that exists through the website.