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  • Pricing: US $19.95/month
    Free Trial:
    Features: Document Storage, Lead Scoring, Segmentation
  • Pricing: US $249.00/month
    Free Trial:
    Features: CRM, Faceted Search / Filtering, Influencer Discovery, Social Media Monitoring
  • Pricing: Contact vendor directly for pricing
    Free Trial:
    Features: Email Marketing, Lead Management, Multi-Campaign
  • Pricing: Contact vendor directly for pricing
    Free Trial:
    Features: Calendar/Reminder System, Document Storage, Email Marketing, Internal Chat Integration, Lead Scoring, Marketing Automation Integration, Mobile Access, Quotes/Proposals, Segmentation, Social Media Integration, Task Management, Territory Management
  • Pricing: US $399.00/month
    Free Trial:
    Features: Multi-Language, Omni-Channel, Sentiment Analysis, Speech Recognition
  • Pricing: US $67.00/month
    Free Trial:
    Features: Customer Support, Multi-Channel Social Integration, Social Media Monitoring
  • Pricing: US $59.00/month
    Free Trial:
    Features: Customer Support, Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing, Marketing Automation Integration, Sentiment Analysis, Social Media Monitoring
  • Pricing: US $49.00/month
    Free Trial:
    Features: Analytics Reporting, Collaborative Writing, Comment Moderation, File Sharing, , Group Posting, Post Management, Search, WYSIWYG Rich Text Editing
  • Pricing: Contact vendor directly for pricing
    Free Trial:
    Features: Email Marketing, Marketing Automation Integration, Social Media Monitoring
  • Pricing: Contact vendor directly for pricing
    Free Trial:
    Features: Contact Management, Real Time Editing, Task Management

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Expert guide to Social CRM Software

Social crm software has the features and tools to streamline and simplify your operations.

Used by more and more businesses every day, it has become vital to many companies due to its ability to completely revolutionise workflow and bring a variety of efficiencies in a range of areas.

Continue reading the guide to social crm software

Automating workflows, strategies and admin tasks can greatly improve productivity and efficiency – throughout your business.

With social crm software, you’ll be able to spend more time on the most important tasks in your schedule. That means more goals are achieved and more growth for your business.

If you’re wondering exactly what social crm software can do, how it can help and if it would be a good fit for your business, read on to find out more.

Best Social CRM Software

Is social crm software right for your business? 

There aren’t many – if any – modern businesses that wouldn’t benefit from streamlining their workload and automating many of the day-to-day tasks.

And with technological advances, the days are long gone where social crm software was a niche product used only by a select few.

Now that social crm software is more accessible, more affordable, and more capable, an increasing number of savvy companies are turning to it in a bid to maximise the potential of their operations.

With such high demand comes a lot of choice. There are a wide range of different providers of social crm software, all with products that offer unique benefits to suit an array of business types. Chances are, the perfect product for your company is listed above.

What difference can social crm software make?

Employing social crm software can result in a range of positive outcomes for your business, including:


More productivity and less time spent on admin means you'll soon recuperate the costs of social crm software – and then some.

Quick deployment

Getting started with social crm software doesn’t take long. And there’s lots of help and support available if you need it.

Less paperwork

Manually logging and archiving can create various problems, including poor organisation and loss of details. Using social crm software means all your key information will be stored and accessible in one place.

Zero infrastructure

One of the key benefits of social crm software is, apart from paying for the product itself, no additional costs or supporting infrastructure is required.

Best features of Social CRM Software

Common features of social crm software

With a diverse software market comes an even more diverse array of product features.

The capabilities and functionality of some social crm software can be rather impressive. There’s a wide range of options to choose from that offer mostly just the relatively standard category name tools, but others deliver more advanced functionality and cutting-edge features.

The bells and whistles may look attractive on the most awesome products, but when considering social crm software for your business, it is most important that you choose a product with the features that are most relevant to your individual requirements. 

Regardless of the specification of the product you’re considering, you should find that – like all competing products – it covers all the basics expected of quality social crm software. So, what features can you expect from your social crm software?

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Lead Scoring
  • Segmentation
  • Customer Support
  • Task Management
  • Sentiment Analysis
Social CRM Software prices

How much does social crm software cost?

The modern world of business is complex and fast-paced. Incredible advances in technology, increasing demand from customers, more pressure on businesses to achieve more – it all adds up to you having less and less time to concentrate on your key tasks. This is why an increasing number of businesses are turning to automation products such as social crm software for some much-needed support and to keep ahead of the competition.

With more and more businesses discovering the benefits of social crm software, the market is growing exponentially – we’re seeing more quality providers enter the frame at an alarming rate. Ultimately, this not only gives you more great options to choose from, but it drives down cost.

social crm software usually comes in a variety of packages from basic to premium. Many providers offer a free trial and it’s a good idea to take advantage of this to see how you manage with the software. Some software is actually free. It is usually basic in its capabilities but if it’s not sufficient for your operation in the long-term, it may be at least be suitable for getting to grips with the world of social crm software.

Exploring the cost of social crm software is simple with All the options listed above feature up-to-date pricing, and you can also see which options offer free trials.

Social CRM Software comparsion

Choosing the best social crm software

With so many great social crm software options to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming trying to determine which product is best for your needs.

That’s where comes in. We list all the best, most popular options on the market.

But a couple of tips before you get going:

First, make sure you’ve thought about your budget, but also your business model and any particular requirements. For instance, choosing social crm software that suits your current company size is good for making the most of the product, but weigh that up against your predicted growth.

Once you’re quite clear on the sort of deal you’re looking for, take a look through the products listed above. As well as comparing prices, features and other key details, you can rely on the user reviews of social crm software. They’ve all been checked and authorised by the quality control team, and they can give you excellent insight into any of the products you may be considering.