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Personal trainer software aids trainers and fitness professionals in keeping track of day-to-day business operations. The software is designed to automate the admin and strategy tasks that take a long time to complete manually, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business and providing a great service to your customers.

If you’re thinking about adding personal trainer software to your business, take a look at our guide on how to choose the best product.

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More about personal trainer software

Whether you work as an individual or with a gym or healthcare organisation, using personal trainer software to automate and support many of your day-to-day tasks can completely revolutionise how you work.

Manually completing tasks and processes is time-consuming – time that could be spent engaging with your customers and improving your business. With personal trainer software, so much more of your time will be available to concentrate on all the tasks that are most valuable – and more fun!

Emails, scheduling meetings, managing client payments, training and nutrition plans – it can all be taken off your hands with the right software.

Keep reading to find out more about how personal trainer software can support your business and how to locate the best, most popular products on the market.

Personal trainer software

Is personal trainer software right for your business?

If you’re a personal trainer or if you work in a gym or with a healthcare organisation, chances are personal trainer software will benefit your work.

Still relying on programs like Excel? Have lots of different apps? Notes strewn all over the place? Personal trainer software can bring it all under one roof – and streamline your processes at the same time. It can even integrate with other programs and apps you’re already using.

One of the many perks of most personal trainer software is, it’s easy to use. So no matter how tech-savvy you are(n’t), picking it up and getting to grips is simple. And most products come with comprehensive support for if you do get stuck.

What difference can personal trainer software make?

Personal trainer software can bring a wide variety of benefits to your business, including:


With personal trainer software you can work while on-the-go. Many products offer app-based programs so you can be out and about making a real difference instead of being stuck behind a desk.


Allowing software to handle most of your admin and planning tasks means you can spend more time focusing on your clients and keeping them motivated.


One of the best features of personal trainer software is the ability to help create your workout sessions and meal plans for clients.

Digital storage

Less paperwork – yay! With personal trainer software, all your plans, strategies and client information can be stored digitally. Easy to log and easy to access.

Features personal trainer software

Common features of personal trainer software

Each personal trainer software will offer its own unique benefits, but all good products you consider should feature the following capabilities:


There’s no point just adding another app to your work stream. Good personal trainer software can integrate or host most other associated programs you’re already using, such as Fitbit.

Scheduling and booking

Easily book and edit appointments with your clients. Again, this process can be streamlined further if the software can integrate with the calendar you’re already using, eg, Google, iCloud or Hotmail.

Session and meal planning

All personal trainer software will have the ability to plan sessions with clients and help you create meal plans. The best software will make these processes simple through intuitive design, eg, additional features such as templates.

Client inclusion

Software that gives your clients access as well, in the form of receiving updates and messages, etc, will boost your communication and improve your relationships. Sharing as much information with your clients as possible and making it readily available will make them feel they’re getting a truly dedicated service.

Cost of personal trainer software

How much does personal trainer software cost?

The cost of personal trainer software varies from provider to provider. Such is the size of the market, there are many different product types with varying levels of features and functionality.

Most software is available through subscription, usually with the option to pay monthly or annually.

To give you an idea of typical costs, My PT Hub offers four different package levels. A free trial is available, which gives you the ability to add one client, two workouts and two nutrition plans, among other features such as client monitoring and 10mb of document storage.

If after your free trial you’d like to go for a full plan, you can start with the Pro version, which is £10 per month (£7.50 if you choose annual billing). This accommodates five clients, 50 workouts and 50 nutrition plans, plus a whole host of other useful features.

There are two Unlimited options above the Pro version, priced at £12 and £15 (annual billing). These are suited to companies with many clients and the need for extensive software support.

My PT Hub is just one of many great products available, so finding the one that matches your exact needs should be simple.

Best personal trainer software

Choosing the best personal trainer software

To make sure you’re choosing the best personal trainer software for your needs, recommends doing the following.

First, take a look at a few of the products listed above to get even more of an idea of the types of features and benefits on offer.

Once you’ve got a feel for personal trainer software, have a think about what type of product will fit you best – consider your current business model and how you’re likely to grow in the future. For instance, do you have up to 10 clients at the moment but are planning on expanding this to 20 by next year? If so, you’ll want to choose a product that can grow with you.

And what’s your budget? There’s no point paying more than you have to when there’s such a variety of options available.

When comparing personal trainer software on, as well as looking at the features, price and other key information, you can also rely on the approved reviews. These have been submitted by companies just like yours – users who are already using the software, so have first-hand experience of the pros and cons