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Parcel tracking software

Parcel tracking software, also known as packaging tracking software or delivery management software, is designed to track packages coming into an office or co-working space. Parcel tracking software streamlines and adds security to many processes including notifying tenants of delivered packages and accepting digital signatures.

If you think parcel tracking software may benefit your organisation, take a look at our guide and view the range of great products.

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Parcel Tracking Software
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More about parcel tracking software

If your building or work environment is struggling with monitoring and managing incoming packages, parcel tracking software can help – a lot!

It can greatly reduce the time it takes to log packages and notify employees. In fact, with parcel tracking software, it takes only seconds to complete these tasks. From arrival, through employee notification, to pick up, the whole process becomes a lot more efficient when you’ve got intuitive software on your side to do all the leg work.

As well as the actual delivery process from start to end, parcel tracking offers an array of benefits to streamline and reduce admin. For instance, most parcel tracking software can be integrated with your other property management systems. It can also work with existing hardware you may use, such as barcode scanners or label printers.

Parcel tracking software

Is parcel tracking software right for your business?

Are you, or is your company, responsible for receiving and delivering parcels? Do you currently log packages using manual processes or spreadsheets? Are parcels sometimes misplaced?

If so, it’s high time you considered parcel tracking software. It can reduce errors, processing time and costs, and it can increase productivity considerably.

With a boom in online purchasing, most mailrooms are seeing a massive increase in business shipping. This can result in a backlog – or at least an unnecessarily high amount of work – every day.

Parcel tracking and management shouldn’t be a hassle. With the right software, you can make sure all deliveries are handled smoothly and the whole process doesn’t affect your day to day business.

What difference can parcel tracking software make?

Using parcel tracking software can bring a range of benefits, including:

Increased accuracy and accountability

With this type of software, all packages are accurately and comprehensively logged. And detailed, step-by-step tracking ensures full accountability.

Save time

On average, staff spend 75 per cent less time dealing with packages when software is employed. The logging process goes from minutes to seconds.

Fast and easy setup

All quality parcel tracking products are straightforward to set up. You should be able to use it right away and any staff training required is usually minimal.

Increase in employee satisfaction

Your employees always receive their deliveries. They’re on time, and individuals can even be updated on the status of their parcel, or they can request notifications.

Features parcel tracking software

Common features of parcel tracking software

Detailed information

With parcel tracking software, you can log detailed information of packages, and usually customise how much detail you want to be requisite. As well as the general parcel information, this may include pictures of the package and e-signatures for proof-of-pickup.


Parcel tracking software makes it easy to search and find packages that are anywhere in the delivery process. You can typically do this using the recipient’s name or a tracking number. Overall delivery performance reports can also be generated.

Automatic notifications

Most parcel tracking software will give you the option to set various notifications. This can include email and text notifications that can be sent to employees. Reminders can also be automated for when parcels are not picked up.


Many parcel tracking software products are cloud-based. This provides more flexibility and a more efficient service as the programs can be accessed using different devices by various users.

Cost of parcel tracking software

How much does parcel tracking software cost?

If you want to reduce costs as much as possible, choosing the right parcel tracking software that brings the most value and is within your budget, is vital.

There are lots of options on the market, and prices can vary a lot from provider to provider. Most offer the software on a monthly subscription, but some offer one-time purchases.

To give you an idea of typical costs, the cloud-based Notifii Track is available at around £60 per month. This package serves up to 500 employees. As well as access to all features and tools, it includes account setup, online training and full customer support.

TekTrack® package tracking software, with its unique SmartScan™ technology, is available from around £1020 (one-time fee) for the in-house version. The cloud-based version starts at around £70 per month.

These are just two examples of the wide range of great options available.

Best parcel tracking software

Choosing the best parcel tracking software

If you’re in the market for parcel tracking software, you’ve come to the right place.

But a couple of tips before you get going:

First, make sure you’ve thought about your budget, but also your business model and any particular requirements. For instance, if you’re looking for software to cover 198 people, choosing a product for 200 may not cover expected growth. At the same time, you don’t want to pay for a package but not use it to its full potential.

Once you’re quite clear on the sort of deal you’re looking for, take a look through the products listed above. You’ll find all the best, most popular offers available.

As well as comparing prices, features and other key details, you can rely on the user reviews. They’ve all been checked and authorised by the quality control team, and they can give you excellent insight into any of the products you may be considering.