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Nutritionist software

Nutritionist software is designed to help you analyse your clients’ diets and reduce the time spent creating meal plans. It can automate many of the admin tasks that you typically spend too much time completing manually, and it enhances and improves communication between you and your clients.

If you’re considering nutritionist software to streamline your work and communications, read our guide on how to find out how to choose the best product.

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Nutritionist Software
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More about nutritionist software

Whether you run a clinic an office or are a solo nutritionist, if you’re not already using software to automate and assist with much of your day-to-day workflow, you’re no doubt spending too much time manually completing tasks and processes when you could be giving more time to growing your business and concentrating on your clients.

To be successful in nutrition, you need to be spending the majority of your time working with your clients or patients. This means, the more you can rely on software to handle or help with admin jobs like emails, scheduling, invoices, and meal planning, etc, the better.

By supporting tasks such as dietary analysis, meal planning and menu management, nutritionist software saves you time and streamlines your processes.

Read on to find out more about how nutritionist software can help your business and how to find the best products on the market.

Nutritionist software

Is nutritionist software right for your business?

Run a private practice, nutrition clinic, wellness centre or gym? These are just some of the business types that are using nutritionist software to greatly enhance their operation.

If you work in nutrition and are still relying on programs like Excel to create your plans, employing intuitive software to speed up your processes and enhance your client relations is a must.

Nutritionist software doesn’t just automate some of your processes and allow you to spend more time with your clients either. Such is the advanced nature of most modern options, it improves your strategies too. For instance, nutritionist software can analyse what your clients are eating and use this data to help create more suitable meal plans.

It all adds up to better value for your clients and more success for your business.

What difference can nutritionist software make?

Nutritionist software can bring a variety of positive outcomes for your business, including:


Centralising all your admin and planning tasks into one software means you can spend less time switching between programs and paperwork and more time focusing on your patients and keeping them motivated.

Access and reach

With nutritionist software, you can work while on-the-go. This means you can concentrate on your local clients more, or even widen your network and attract customers further afield.


A feature of nutritionist software is meal planning, which can help you become more organised. Creating personalised nutritional plans becomes a lot less time-consuming.

Real-time interaction

Staying connected with your clients and interacting with them in real time means you can deliver more thorough and personalised support.

Features nutritionist software

Common features of nutritionist software

Each nutritionist software will have its own unique benefits, but as well as all the bells and whistles, good products will make sure all the fundamentals are covered with quality tools.


A centralised hub providing immediate access to all your most important and commonly used tools helps you to become more organised. You can easily get an overview of your schedule and prioritise more effectively.


As well as a planner, your nutritionist software should act as an archive as well. You should be able to collect and store data such as food diaries and medical history, and use it to easily refer back to for continual improvement.

Meal planning

Any nutritionist software should include simple-to-use yet detailed meal planning functionality. Ideally, there’ll be the option to create templates as well to further streamline your workload.

Client app

More fluid interaction with your clients needs to be a two-way process. Giving your clients access to your software app allows them to receive updates and messages as quickly as you’ll be able to send them. Supporting your clients anywhere and at any time will make them feel they’re getting a truly dedicated service.

Cost nutritionist software

How much does nutritionist software cost?

There’s no doubting the benefits nutritionist software can bring to your operation, but with so many great options on the market, it’s worth exploring a few different options that match your needs to make sure you’re getting the best price.

Most products are available on a subscription basis, and some give you the option to pay monthly or annually. Many providers will offer different package sizes and types as well, making it easier to choose a package that’s tailored to your requirements.

For example, Nutrium has a ‘Meal plan package’ that includes the ability to manage clients' information and complete nutritional assessments. It also includes tools for meal planning and analysis, appointment scheduling, and there’s a mobile app for clients. It’s for businesses with up to 10 clients and is perfectly suited to professionals who want to get more organised and provide their clients with a more dynamic service.

This Meal plan package option is available for £24 per person per month (when billed annually). A version for businesses with up to 75 clients is available for £52.80.

This is just one of many great plans that are available across a wide range of providers, so finding one to match your exact preferences is more than achievable.

Best nutritionist software

Choosing the best nutritionist software

There are specialist nutritionist software products for specific disciplines, and there are other products that cater to a range of markets.

Such is the advanced nature of modern nutritionist software, the latter type may cater to your needs – be best suited even. But it’s always worth comparing a range of products to make sure you’re signing up for the most suitable option to move your business forward.

How do you compare? Simple. On, we’ve listed all the best, most popular nutritionist software currently available on the market.

You can compare product prices, features, and other key details. You can also make a more informed decision by looking at the reviews for each product. These have been submitted by businesses just like yours, and each review has been authenticated by our quality control team.

Have a good idea of what you’re looking for already or want to find a particular feature or benefit offered by certain nutritionist software products? Simply use our intuitive search engine and instantly get a range of the most appropriate matches to your needs.