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HVAC software

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) software aids companies in the HVAC field with specialist tools for streamlining operations and improving efficiencies and customer service.

Typical features of HVAC software include tools for job costing estimates, accounting, and workforce management.

Higher grade HVAC software may include tools for assisting with the design of HVAC systems.

If you’re thinking of getting HVAC software to improve your operation, view our guide and search the most popular products.

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More about HVAC software

Often used by small–medium sized business, HVAC software brings the benefit of faster, more effective communications between office staff and field teams.

With HVAC software, you can equip your technicians with the tools to maximise efficiency, generate bigger tickets, and deliver an overall improved service to your customers.

Many UK operations using HVAC software have paid testament to how it has helped them considerably to grow revenue, streamline their operations and save time and money.

Through automation, HVAC software can completely revolutionise workflow. There’ll be no more lost revenue from misplaced invoices, and bills and payments can be handled in the field. In fact, paperwork can be reduced considerably.

If you want to bring out the best in your field service team, HVAC software is definitely worth exploring.

HVAC software

Is HVAC software right for your business?

HVAC software is proving to become an essential tool for owners and managers of HVAC companies to grow their businesses.

Although commonly used by small–medium operations, HVAC software can still bring benefit to your business if you fall outside this bracket. If you have HVAC requirements or are in the trade, there’s no doubt this software can make a difference, especially considering the intuitiveness and versatility of many of the modern options on the market.

If you find that communications between your office staff and field workers are somewhat disconnected, HVAC software – which is often cloud-based – can improve the synergy between teams.

Does the lack of communication between teams also result in a loss of information? With HVAC software, any data collected by your field teams can be automatically synced back to the office. This can cover sign-off for jobs, project status updates, or even payment collection.

What difference can HVAC software make?

With intuitive tools and advanced job management functionality, HVAC software can bring a wide range of benefits to your operations, including:

Improved scheduling

With integrated GPS tracking, scheduling work for your team members in the field becomes a lot simpler and more efficient. Less travel time will maximise potential and improve productivity.

Less paperwork

Paperwork takes time. With HVAC software, forms can be filled in online and on-the-move. Pre-set to-dos also mean there’s less chance of tasks being missed or left incomplete.

Easier management

Rather than having to chase up jobs or worry if tasks are being completed, your in-office admin and management teams can control activities through the software – and use it to communicate with the field teams.


Good HVAC software should enable you to integrate it with other programs and processes you use such as accounting software and payment processing. The fewer programs you need to switch between, the more streamlined your workflow becomes.

Features of HVAC software

Common features of HVAC software

There are a variety of different HVAC software products. Each one will offer unique benefits, but there are standard feature types you should expect to find across any of the quality options available on the market.


All HVAC software should include a scheduling module with which you can instantly schedule jobs to specific team members in the field. For efficiency, most HVAC software offers drag and drop schedulers.

Staff locating

To complement the scheduling functionality, HVAC software provides you with the ability to view and track the location of your field staff in real time.

Quoting and invoicing

HVAC software streamlines your financials by allowing you to create and send quotes to customers and generate invoices.

Mobile integration

Leading HVAC software includes mobile apps with advanced functionality. They’re commonly compatible with iOS and Android devices and ideally work online and offline.

cost of HVAC software

How much does HVAC software cost?

If it’s suited to your operation, there’s no doubt the cost of HVAC software will be more than worthwhile and quickly provide a return on investment. But that’s not to say you should happily opt for whichever option you first find that seems to match your needs.

The benefit of such highly regarded software is that the market is rich with quality products. This means you can pick and choose to find a provider that delivers the goods – and at a price that fits your budget.

To give you an idea of price range, Husky Intelligence, a simple and easy to use field service management platform, is available in four different package types. Prices range from around £22 per month per user for the Starter option, and £38 per month per user for the Gold package. Free demos are available. Husky Intelligence also offers a Platinum-grade setup, of which the price can be negotiated.

There are many other field service management products available, and at varying price points, but this should give you an idea of the budget you’d need to acquire these services.

Choosing HVAC software

Choosing the best HVAC software

You’ve considered your business model’s needs, you decided on the areas that would most benefit from the streamlining capabilities of HVAC software, you’ve set your budget, now you’re ready to start comparing the top products.

In the table above, you’ll find all the most popular and sought-after HVAC products currently available on the market. And at, finding the perfect product couldn’t be simpler.

Each dedicated product page has all the key information you’ll need to decide whether it’s right for you. Pricing, key features, and even authenticated reviews from other companies already using the software.

Know what product you want or have your mind set on a particular feature? Just use our intuitive search bar to find exactly what you want or to filter options to suit your specific preferences.