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Endpoint protection software

Endpoint protection software protects against threats and attacks and provides overall security for your private network devices.

Usually operated from a central console by an IT system administrator, all endpoints that are connected to a specific network can be managed and viewed. Specific endpoint protection applications for safeguarding measures and protection include antivirus, firewall and virtual private networking.

If you want to find out more or are in need of endpoint protection software for your business, view our guides and search the most popular products below.

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endpoint protection software
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More about endpoint protection software

Endpoint protection software can be used to monitor devices connected to your network, and view and manage the majority of the network infrastructure. This includes creating reports and running scans to protect against any potential threats.

One of the many benefits of endpoint protection software is, it can be adapted to your needs. This is especially true of endpoint software with bring your own device (BYOD) applications, which can protect a range of device types with the same level of security. Other functionality includes the ability for admins to set protocols – parameters and access to programs for regular users.

Part of the responsibility of endpoint protection software is to nullify threats before they can cause any damage. But this isn’t always possible. If an attack does occur, the software alerts the admin(s) and usually provides advice on how best to deal with the issue.

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Is endpoint protection software right for your business?

If your business uses devices that connect to the internet, you’ll need to protect them. For increasing your cybersecurity across all devices, endpoint protection software is ideal, but different organisations usually face different threats – and levels of threat – based on the nature of their business.

To help you decide whether you need endpoint protection, and if so, how best to choose between types of software, it’s a good idea to first determine what kind of potential security breaches you may receive.

For more lightweight protection, you may only need straightforward antivirus or antimalware software. If your company deals with sensitive or confidential data, an intensive endpoint protection package may be best; one that offers data encryption and layered defence, for instance.

Read on and take a look at the features of some of the endpoint protection software products listed above, and you’ll be able to make a better-informed choice on what software is the best match for your requirements.

What difference can endpoint protection software make?

Employing endpoint protection software can provide a range of benefits for your business and employees, including:

Prompt protection

Real-time scans can notify administrators of any spyware or malware infiltration. As well as then working to eliminate any potential threats, the synergy of endpoint protection software means all your network devices can be updated and protected simultaneously.

Secure access

Endpoint protection software allows your employees to securely work from remote locations without putting your network at risk.

Robust defence

The risk of data breaches is decreased with endpoint protection software. Malicious content would have to travel through layers of efficient prevention and detection features before having an effect.

Simple and effective deployment

You can easily upgrade to new security levels as soon as their available, and you can manage security policies across all devices from your central administration console.

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Common features of endpoint protection software

There are various different kinds of endpoint protection software, designed to handle different protection and security measures depending on a business’s online operations and requirements. The main categories are endpoint protection suites, endpoint management software, endpoint detection and response (EDR) software, and antivirus software. The most common features you’ll find across endpoint software products include:

Web control – filters websites and enforces compliance protocols for any access to the internet within the network.

Device control – for the management of user network access on laptops and mobile devices.

Asset management – records the activity of each asset on the network. This control can also discover new assets trying to access the network.

Application control – for blocking users from accessing restricted applications.

Firewall – protects devices from a variety of attacks and malware threats to the network.

Malware detection – uses multiple techniques to root out malware and alerts users of occurrences and their sources.

System isolation – for cutting off network connection or temporarily deactivating applications while incidents are remedied.

Compliance — for the monitoring of assets and enforcement of policies to audit the security of devices and the network infrastructure.

Security validation – for the deployment of an intuitive examination process to update intelligence reports as new threats emerge.

Cost of endpoint protection software

How much does endpoint protection software cost?

Depending on the level of security you need for your business, the price of endpoint protection software can vary quite a lot.

As touched on above, if you’re a small business that needs just straightforward protection for a few devices, software that protects against common malware and similar threats may suffice.

For example, Avast offers Antivirus software that features firewall, web shield, email shield, anti-spam, smartscan, sandbox and other relatively common features of endpoint protection. You can get this for £27 per device, per year.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive security package, Avast’s Pro Plus option offers everything that comes with the standard Antivirus product, plus additional security measures such as SecureLine VPN – for making open, vulnerable networks safe, anywhere in the world. This is available for £40 per device, per year.

With each of the Avast options, a free 30-day trial is available. This is also the case with many of the other top endpoint protection software providers. Regardless of how confident you are that you’ve chosen the right software for your business, there’s no harm in making use of the free period before you part with any money.

Which is the best endpoint protection software

Choosing the best endpoint protection software

When choosing the best endpoint protection software for your business, ultimately, you need to consider two main questions: How many endpoints do I need to protect? And what level of protection do these endpoints need?

As well as choosing the right package, you should make sure you have the necessary resources to manage the software. This is especially the case for large or fast-growing companies; they’ll typically need an administrator to oversee the platform and all network devices from a centralised admin console.

Once you’ve read through the endpoint protection software guides to give you a clearer idea of what you need, browse through the products to find the most suitable option. As well as prices, features and all the other key information on each product, you can check out the reviews from other users to help you make the most informed decision.