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Almost as soon as the internet emerged, any and all online data has become at risk of interception or damage. Fast-forward to today, and cyber attacks have become almost incomprehensibly complex and dangerous.

If your business runs any of its operations online, ensuring the security of the data you use and handle is paramount. This is where cyber security software can help.

If you need to add cyber security software to your operation, view our guide and search all the most popular products from the top providers.

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Cyber Security Software
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More about cyber security software

In today’s online environment, it’s less a case of if your business will be affected by cyber crime, more when.

Last year’s UK Cyber Security Breaches survey carried out by the UK government and Portsmouth University found that 43 per cent of UK companies had experienced an online breach or attack in the preceding year.

Many businesses are not aware of the level and intensity of current cyber threats – and how much they’re growing – which means their online security is more than likely to be insufficient.

And with the sophisticated nature of online commerce and cyber crime, it’s not only about money these days. Identities, reputations and the like are at risk of severe damage.

With cyber security software, you can stop or at least greatly reduce the chance of data breaches, which provides protection for all sensitive and personal information. Ultimately, this will result in a much safer online environment for you, your staff and your customers.

Do I need cyber security software

Is cyber security software right for your business?

According to research from Business in the Community (BITC), 30 per cent of small businesses don’t have any cyber security strategies in place. Also, only 35 per cent of up to medium-sized businesses have a standard data protection policy, and only 23 per cent have a policy in place for the protocol and rules around access to their systems.

Some industries are more on board than others. For instance, between the legal and IT telecoms sectors, only 8 per cent of businesses say they have nothing in place. Maybe surprisingly, companies in the retail sector have the fewest cyber security measures (43 per cent).

No matter what your industry, if your business operates online but doesn’t have comprehensive and robust cyber security, it’s high time that changed.

What difference can cyber security software make?

PricewaterhouseCoopers has estimated that over 100,000 cyber attacks are carried out every day. For UK companies, this equates to combined losses of over £1billion. Clearly, a lack of cyber security knowledge and implementation can be an expensive mistake to make.

With cyber security software, the many benefits to your operation include:

Advanced security services

With the latest threat intelligence software, you can prevent and protect against targeted attacks to everything from your email to your staff.

Business continuity

Stopping an attack isn’t always possible, but if your online security is breached, cyber security software can support aspects of secure business continuity such as the use of email.


Especially in the event of GDPR, making sure your company is operating at the expected levels of integrity and security couldn’t be more important – and worthwhile. With cyber security software, you can implement and manage policies while ensuring they’re secure as possible.

Increased awareness

A big aspect of improving your companies cyber security is knowledge. Learned employees are responsible employees.

common features of cyber security software

Common features of cyber security software

The threats of cyber crime are already substantial, they’re increasing dramatically, and they show no signs of abating. Unfortunately, it’s the natural downside of operating in what has become a technology-led world.

To make sure your business is always in a position to ride the waves of cyber threats, when deciding which cyber security software is best for your operation you’ll want to make sure it at least includes these common features:

Cloud security

By replicating and storing all kinds of data in archives, including emails and online conversations, vital information can be readily available – and uncompromised – during and after an attack.

Training courses

As mentioned, training is integral to fighting cyber crime. Good cyber security software should include features that provide support to improve your staff’s knowledge and awareness.

Accessibility control

The best cyber security software providers will have products that include quality accessibility control. This allows you to determine who has access to devices and data, and how much control and visibility they have.

Secure email

As many cyber attacks come through email, secure email gateways are a crucial feature of decent cyber security software. Also, software with measures against spear phishing and spoofing is recommended.

Cost of cyber security software

How much does cyber security software cost?

The cost of software for cyber security can vary a lot between providers, mainly because there are many different levels of protection you can acquire.

At the cheapest end of the scale, there are many free versions of cyber security software on the market to protect your system. Usually, they’re free for one of two reasons: the level of security is not comprehensive (eg, it’s only designed to protect your computer from common viruses, not skilled hackers), or the software is only free for a period.

There’s no harm in opting for a free trial of cyber security software, but if you’re serious about protecting your business and there’s a lot at stake, you should go on to select a paid plan.

With advances in technology and the event of the cloud, there are other ways to avoid overspending. For instance, there are SaaS-based options, which means the cost and complexity of managing on-premise can be avoided.

All products listed on feature up to date pricing, so once you’ve decided on what type of product matches your requirements, finding one to fit your budget is simple.

Best cyber security software

Choosing the best cyber security software

Of course, different industries face different types of threats. As well as picking software that your confident provides the necessary levels of security, you’ll want to make sure it’s the best fit for your type of operation.

For instance, if you’re a growing business, you may want to consider cyber security software that offers multiple area automation. This will allow you to grow without worrying about your cyber security systems lagging behind. Providers that include this level of support will usually deliver it through integration and plugins.

All of the cyber security options listed above are delivered by trusted names in the industry, so you can make a selection with peace of mind you’ll be in professional hands.

When comparing software on, as well as measuring up prices, features and other key details of the top vendors, you can check out reviews from other users. This will further help you to make the most informed decision on what cyber security software is ideal for your business.