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Conversion rate optimisation software

Conversion rate optimisation software (CRO) is an analytics tool designed to help convert web visitors into customers. The software analyses the actions of web visitors – whether they complete or don’t complete a process – to give a better insight into what might increase conversions and reduce drop-off. Conversions include not just purchases, but also opt-ins, form submissions, subscriptions, requests for information, and downloads, among other actions.

If you are thinking of purchasing conversion rate optimisation software for your business, view our guide and search the most popular products on the market.

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conversion rate optimisation CRO software
Conversion Rate Optimisation software
conversion rate optimisation CRO expert guide
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More about conversion rate optimisation software

CRO software takes the guesswork out of identifying customer needs and finding where drop-off occurs. It enables you to focus on high-quality leads and ensures your money and efforts are spent on measured and data-driven conversion strategies, rather than broad, untargeted efforts. CRO will get you measured, accurate insights into user engagement and actions.

CRO software can not only help you to increase conversions and grow your customer base, but also identify new markets in order to develop your business.

Heat map conversion rate optimisation software

Is conversion rate optimisation software right for your business?

If you’re struggling to identify your website visitors’ needs, or you are looking to grow your business and expand into new markets, CRO software will analyse a vast range of data to help you fine-tune your content to increase conversions and help you discover trends in new markets.

The LinkedIn B2B Technology Marketing Community surveyed their group and discovered that the biggest lead-generating challenge for businesses is nurturing high-quality leads, followed by converting leads into customers and creating meaningful content. CRO software is designed to solve all these issues by providing accurate, measured data to show where your business is creating conversions, or losing visitors to drop-off.

What difference can conversion rate optimisation software make?

There are various benefits to conversion rate optimisation software. Most products are packaged to provide a variety of tools that will help you achieve your conversion goals.

Build trust with your audience

If your pages are fine-tuned to your visitors’ needs and expectations, the experience will feel more intuitive and encourage them to linger longer. More time spent on your website means more chance of conversion.

Increase search visibility

Google favours sites with a lower bounce-rate (the number of visitors per total that leave after viewing one page). CRO software can help to reduce bounce-rate, resulting in improved SEO.

Measure impact

CRO software enables you to A/B test various elements of your site so you can optimise it to get the best results and increase your conversions in all areas.

Better return on investment

Making the most of your site by optimising and enhancing existing elements can save money. The insights provided by CRO software avoid the need for spending money on new advertising or unnecessary design.

Features of conversion rate optimisation software

Common features of conversion rate optimisation software

There’s a wide range of different conversion rate optimisation products, and some of the most common are not always found together in one product. They tend to be packaged together by their type: qualitative, quantitative, website optimisers or landing page optimisers.


Provides measurable data on website visitor interactions to discover what engages users and what causes users to drop-off. Reports identify areas to improve user experience.

A/B testing

Also known as split testing. This enables testing of different versions of web pages and digital content to measure which gives the best results. Used to improve user engagement and increase conversion.

Landing page builders and rendering tools

These consist of templates featuring elements that have been tested to give optimum results. Pages can be built quickly and their compatibility tested against browsers and mobile devices.

Heat maps

A heat map is a colour-coded overlay that shows the most commonly clicked areas on your pages. The ‘heat’ is the grading, with red showing the most clicked areas to provide insights into visitor behaviour.

Speed testing

These tools will measure the loading speed of your web pages and the individual elements on them, such as images and ads. Slow speeds frustrate visitors, making them more likely to leave your site.

Cost of conversion rate optimisation software

How much does conversion rate optimisation software cost?

The cost of CRO software tools varies widely. Basic packages cater mostly to small businesses so will naturally be lower in price. Larger organisations will usually require more complex packages that come with system support to cater for all their needs.

For example, Crazy Egg has a package at £16 per month which includes a good range of analytics and mapping tools. Like many CRO software providers, Crazy Egg offers a free trial and system support during business hours.

On the other end of the spectrum, Optimizely has a product priced at £33,000 per year – a more comprehensive package with complex tools that comes with 24/7 online support.

When it comes to choosing the right package for your organisation, would advise starting with a package that covers your basic needs. Take advantage of the free trial to decide whether the software is suitable for your conversion goals and not too complex to use. Bear in mind you can always upgrade later if your business requires it.

Choosing conversion rate optimisation

Choosing the best conversion rate optimisation software

Conversion rate optimisation software can deliver significant results for your business. Crazy Egg lists a few case studies, including The Weather Channel’s increase of conversions by 225 per cent just by simplifying their homepage.

If this sort of product is for you, consider the areas of your business that require help. Do you need information on your website visitors or your page design? Will your staff be able to use the software? And will it make them more efficient? Consider also the budget you have available for a subscription.

Once you have a picture of your requirements, you can check out the products on We list all the best and most popular options, and you’ll find features and prices listed among the details. And for further information, there are reviews from other users that have already bought and used the software, giving you even more confidence in buying the right CRO software.