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An auto dialer is a software program employed to automatically dial numbers from a database. There is a range of different auto dialler types; some can be configured to leave answerphone messages, others can receive recorded responses, or most commonly with advancing technology, auto-dial numbers for an agent, also known as predictive dialling.

Often used in telemarketing and customer support, auto diallers are becoming ever more popular in a range of fields for their advanced automation capabilities.

If you’re looking for an auto dialler for your operation, view our guide and search the most popular products on the market.

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More about auto dialer software

By automatically dialing numbers from a list, auto dialers remove the tedium of having to manually dial individual phone numbers. This enables your telephone staff or sales team members to spend more time speaking to customers and prospects, which inevitably increases return.

What’s required for the setup of auto dialer software? Typically, you’ll require a computer, a voice modem, and an active telephone line, so you’ve probably already got two of those three boxes ticked. Cloud-based versions are also available.

Depending on the provider you choose, you may have to buy and host the hardware yourself. Some offer the hardware and hosting as part of the package – either free or as an additional subscription.

Hardware requirements can vary significantly, and with some products, you can even simply run the application on a mobile phone.

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Is auto dialer software right for your business?

If you’ve got targets that are not being met, or if you want to challenge yourself more by setting higher targets, eradicating the need for manual dialing could make a substantial difference.

Typically, a salesperson spends only 15 minutes of every hour actually speaking to customers, with the rest attributed to admin and repetitive tasks. One of these repetitive tasks is manual dialling, with the process often resulting in busy tones, answering machines and disconnected calls. Auto dialer software used in call centres can boost productivity by 200–300 per cent.

You don’t have to run a call centre to benefit from auto dialer software, though. Numerous industries reap the benefits of the technology, including companies within the healthcare, education and hospitality industries.

What difference can auto dialer software make?

There are numerous benefits of using auto dialers. Many focus on eradicating manual dialing, as mentioned above, but there are other elements of the software that can enhance productivity and performance. They include:


Abiding by DNC (do not call) and other standards is important. Choose the right software and can mean safeguards are simply put in place to prevent you calling anyone who has specifically requested not to be contacted. Do not call lists can easily be updated too.

Efficient automation

Many auto dialers allow you to pick up where you left off. Great for day-to-day carry over or even colleague handovers.


With most auto dialer software, you can easily download CSV files and integrate data with your spreadsheet application of choice. The result? Simple report generation for all team members.

Customised messaging

Rather than a generic, predictable message, most software allows you to fully customise your own voicemail message to help conversion rates. The addition of follow-up email messages, plus the functionality to record multiple messages for differing purposes will add to your prospects feeling like they’re being considered and cared for properly.

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Common features of auto dialer software

As with the different levels of customised messaging highlighted above, different auto dialer systems come with different grades of functionality. Here are some of the main features any modern auto dialer should offer in order for you to consider it as a worthwhile investment.

Intuitive navigation

There’s no point investing in an auto dialer to save time to then find yourself navigating through confusing interfaces and menus. To minimise the time it gets to that first ring, the system should be clear, with shortcuts and simple navigation paths.

CRM integration

If you already use a CRM, it will be worth choosing an auto dialer that integrates with the system. Many of these auto dialers will facilitate two-way automatic integration. This can help to keep your data safe, secure and up to date.

Pre-recorded voicemail

Depending on the client, you may find voicemails are a key part of the communication process. Yes, it can make the customer journey somewhat fractured, but it also gives you the opportunity to leave them with a pitch and the ball in their court. Good modern sales dialers make the most of voicemail by providing the functionality to ‘rehearse’ voicemail messages by pre-recording them before sending.


Good auto dialers provide the tools for trainees and managers to work together to improve performance through coaching. Managers can listen in on calls – both sides of the conversation – and help the trainee with their conversation in real time by using ‘whisper mode’.

Built-In reporting

Auto dialers with built-in reporting functionality can help maximise efficiency. You can view performance stats, create forecasts, set benchmarks, and spot trends, among other helpful tasks.

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How much does auto dialer software cost?

Cost is always an important factor when determining which new product you should bring into the fold. Do you need a top product with all the functionality and extra features to replace your current set-up? Or are you looking for a base model to get started in the world of auto dialing?

Explore the top products listed on and you’ll find everything ranging from relatively simple web-based predictive diallers hosted in the cloud, to omnichannel engagement platforms with enhanced functionality and in-depth data analytics. It’s therefore vital that you match the product type to your specific requirements at the same time as considering price.

For instance, for Voxcloud’s cloud phone system, one single Standard license is £5 per month. For this, you get a range of features from missed call alerts and call transferring to time of day routing and web portal access. With the Premium license (£9 per month per license), you get all the standard features plus extras such as a virtual receptionist, inbound announcements and call queuing.

Best auto dialer software

Choosing the best auto dialer software

According to Five9, their auto dialer can increase talk time by 300 per cent. It’s an impressive stat, but only if your business is going to benefit greatly from auto dialer software. If you have a substantial sales team or operate a similar business where automating calls is part of your daily workload, then it’s definitely worth considering.

Once you’ve decided auto dialer software is right for you, it’s time to look at your business model. What features will your sales team benefit most from? How many subscriptions do you need? What level of customer support will you need to rely on? How much hardware do you need?

Browse through the auto dialer products and guides on to help determine your requirements, and check out the reviews from other users to help you make the most informed decision on which auto dialer to choose for your business.