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Artificial intelligence software

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly talked about as a way to improve productivity and reduce costs in business. Artificial intelligence software uses algorithms and data analysis to replicate human behaviour, making it possible to complete tasks at scale without hiring additional staff.

Popular uses for artificial intelligence software include chatbots, automated decision making, voice recognition and machine learning.

If you’re searching for artificial intelligence software for your business, view our guide and then search for the most popular products available on the market.

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Artificial Intelligence Software
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More about artificial intelligence software

As technology improves, we move towards a world where automation and artificial intelligence can be used to streamline our businesses and save us time and money.

Customer service, for example, is an area of business that’s traditionally heavy on resources – not only people but physical items like hardware, software and office space. Introducing an AI-powered chatbot creates a new way for customers to interact with you and solve problems, sometimes removing the need for them to call your team directly. This frees up your teams to focus on more detailed customer queries or bigger projects.

While there are some concerns about artificial intelligence in the workplace, smart businesses are using the software as a way to add value to operations instead of replacing people with machines. Using Botmind, for example, you can create hybrid customer service channels where your team is supported by AI.

Artificial intelligence aoftware

Is artificial intelligence software right for your business?

Artificial intelligence software can become a real asset to businesses that want to innovate and improve their operations, creating better processes, experiences for customers and opportunities to work more efficiently.

If there’s a piece of AI software that can save you time, money and improve customer experience it’s worth considering. Take DigitalGenius for example, an AI platform designed to help solve customer queries quickly and with high satisfaction ratings. This helps to make your customer service a standout feature in your business, making it more attractive to consumers who value a positive relationship with the companies they buy from.

Another way that AI tools can be powerful in business is to give you a competitive advantage. Knowledge360 uses AI learning to automate competitor intelligence and keep you aware of new opportunities.

What difference can artificial intelligence software make?

Introducing artificial intelligence software can have a number of positive impacts on your business, including:

Automation for small, repetitive tasks

Artificial intelligence software can be used to automate low-level tasks that don’t require complex thought, freeing up your teams to focus on more valuable activities.

Faster data analysis and decision making

While humans are great at analysing data and noticing trends, AI software can do this quicker and with fewer chances of error, thanks to machine learning.

Personalised experiences for customers

We like to feel that we’re getting a service that is customised to who we are. Machine learning helps you to create personalised experiences based on data that you hold on your customers’ activity.

Better use of customer service teams

Your customer support team is a valuable resource of knowledge and can make the difference between losing a customer and winning them over. Give them more time to do just that, by using AI to respond to simple questions with useful answers.

Features artificial intelligence software

Common features of artificial intelligence software

Artificial intelligence software refers to a broad range of technologies, from chatbot software to tools that use behaviour to help with decision making. Here are some features from popular types of AI software:


It’s becoming more popular than ever to invest in chatbots to handle enquiries, move potential leads into a funnel or enhance the customer experience. With the right artificial intelligence software, your chatbot becomes a valuable extension of your customer support team.

Machine learning

While it’s one of the more complicated areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning can help you make strategic business decisions by analysing data and patterns. Investing in machine learning can provide insights into strengths and opportunities for your business to grow and adapt to customer needs.

Deep learning

Deep learning is a type of AI that uses artificial neural networks (designed to be similar to human brains) to make decisions using the information and data provided. Popular uses for deep learning include voice recognition and image recognition.

AI platforms

If you have a technically minded team, you could use an AI platform to build artificial intelligence software that’s bespoke to your business needs. AI platforms help to analyse data and provide you with meaningful patterns and insights, through the custom tools that you build.

Cost artificial intelligence aoftware

How much does artificial intelligence software cost?

Artificial intelligence software is an emerging and growing area of business, with many different applications and uses in today’s workplace. Like most software, AI-powered products come in at a range of price points, depending on the functions offered and how specialist the tools are.

Software like this is usually paid for on a monthly or annual basis, depending on how many users you need access for or how many features you want. In some cases, AI software is priced on a simple per-month basis, like Jatana, which starts around £795 per month. Some of the more affordable AI-powered tools, like video creation software Lumen5, even offers a free plan with limited features.

Many software providers choose to keep their pricing private, available if you sign up to view a demo or discuss your needs with their sales team. This means that it can take slightly longer to build a shortlist of products that you may be interested in, but it gives you a good opportunity to understand them all well.

Best artificial intelligence software

Choosing the best artificial intelligence software

As artificial intelligence software is such a broad category, it’s useful to consider which areas of your business could benefit from the technology and look for products which match your needs.

Some software products are designed to appeal to a wide range of businesses, especially AI platforms which allow you to build tools that meet your specific requirements. Other AI software has been created for niche markets, like speciality products for property, marketing or technology.

Finding the right artificial intelligence software for your business is now easier than ever, thanks to our comprehensive guides. You can browse our listings to see which products are available on the market, create a shortlist and read reviews from real users to get a feel for how the software has helped their business. From there, you can make a decision and invest in the best artificial intelligence software for your business.