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Accreditation management software

A vast product market with a range of useful tools and popular providers, accreditation management software mainly comes in two forms; either to help you acquire professional or governmental validation, or for managing your own clients/applicants and aiding their submissions.

Ultimately, accreditation management software makes it a lot easier to manage accreditation processes from beginning to end.

If you have a requirement for accreditation management software, at, you can view our handy guide and search all the most popular products currently on the market.

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Accreditation Management Software
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More about accreditation management software

The overall purpose of accreditation management software is to provide increased efficiency and scalability across the whole accreditation process.

For your clients, it gives them a single platform with a simple and effective workflow for their submissions. For you, large sets of submissions can be collated in a central repository for easy access and review.

Without accreditation management software, the vast amounts of necessary documentation required is difficult to track and gather, and statuses and outcomes are hard to access and determine. Connecting with your applicants at all stages of the process is a headache on its own when manual processes are relied on.

If you’re struggling to manage the review process and administration side of accreditation, automated workflow can ease a lot of the pressure and stress from a naturally complex and rigorous process.

If you’d benefit from a centralised hub to simplify strategic assessment, outcome tracking, feedback and any other aspect of accreditation, one of the products listed on will be able to help – likely completely revolutionise your processes, even.

Accreditation management software

Is accreditation management software right for your business?

If engagement is an area of accreditation that is weighing you down, an automated software will surely help. Most accreditation management software comes with a client portal to make interacting with clients a lot easier. Especially when you can do it in real time.

As well as improving communication with your clients, accreditation management software can help with workflow by automating many of the processes.

Clients can manage their accreditation activities, update their profiles, upload documents, conduct self-assessments, and view alerts and notifications. As the accreditation organisation, you’ll also be able to send and receive documents, share materials and post updates.

With a dedicated workflow automation module, accreditation management software also allows you to create scenario paths that follow pre-defined business rules. This is especially helpful in determining clients’ progress in the accreditation cycle.

What difference can accreditation management software make?

Accreditation management software can benefit your workflow and management tasks in numerous ways. They include:

Versatile assessment support

Whether you want to use a simple web form or a multi-stage submission process, accreditation management software can help you to collect and organise all the necessary assessments, evidence, and other important materials.

Easy admin and management

With tracking and collaboration tools, you can more easily manage your applicants as well as source and collate data from site visits and audits, etc.

Simple review processes

Through an assignment tool, you can easily allocate applications. You can also set up custom instructions and rules, and forward feedback directly from the review to the applicant.

Standards management

Through standards management, you can create, edit and release standards through version control and scoring options. A versatile software should allow you to have multiple standard versions live at one time.

Accreditation management software features

Common features of accreditation management software

The capabilities and functionality of accreditation management software can be rather impressive. Some options will be relatively basic and offer you the modules and functionality to make general improvements to your accreditation process, but if you’re looking for something a bit more dynamic, there are various premium products to consider as well. Here are a few of the common features you should expect to find across most standard accreditation management software:

Powerful personalisation
A big plus to accreditation management software is its flexibility. Most products will allow you to easily design and modify forms, tailor dashboards, to your preference, create bespoke workflows, and personalise many other aspects of the certification or accreditation management to fit your preferred cycle.

Simpler renewal process
The renewal process can be made much simpler through software with multi-year portal functionality. Returning applicants base information should still be stored in the system, login details can be safely stored and reused, and pre-defined renewal forms can be readily accessed.

Higher quality candidates
With features such as quizzes and questionnaires, you can create a preliminary round of qualification to ensure your full application process is accessed only by genuine contenders and qualified parties. As well as the option to review responses manually, you should be able to set the qualifying criteria within the system, giving automatic access to successful applicants.

If personalisation is one main benefit of accreditation management software, automation is the other. Emails, notifications and many other communications to be set-up to run themselves, all through the same system.

Accreditation management software prices

How much does accreditation management software cost?

Cost is always one of the most important factors when deciding on a new support software. Not least because, as well as making sure it fits your budget, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting value for money.

With this in mind, there’s no better place to compare accreditation management software than at, because we only include reputable, quality providers in each and every one of our software categories.

With most accreditation management software providers, you’ll need to contact the vendor directly to sort out a quote. So, before you take this step, it’s worth making good use of’s product listings as the nature of each product – its focus and key benefits – varies a lot.

You’ll notice that some vendors provide the option of a free trial with their software. If you’re confident the product is well-suited to your needs, we’d always recommend you take up this option. Just don’t feel obliged to continue into a subscription if you have your doubts though. There’s lots of products on the market to choose from.

Accreditation management software providers

Choosing the best accreditation management software

Once you’ve reflected on your business model’s requirements from accreditation management software – which areas you’d benefit from support in most and what areas can be streamlined and automated – looking for the ideal product couldn’t be easier with EXPERTcomparison

You can view all the top products on the market and compare prices, features, main benefits and support options.

Judging which software is best by comparing all the products’ key details is great, but for that extra level of assurance and peace of mind, you can also check out reviews from current users of each product.

All reviews on EXPERTcomparison are authorised by our quality control team to make sure they’re from genuine professionals. There’s no better way to get the inside track and genuinely helpful opinions than from fellow businesses that have already gone through the process of deciding on the best software.