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Account based marketing (also known as ABM) is increasing in popularity, which means there’s now a great range of products to choose from. This approach to marketing targets specific accounts with personalised campaigns, often resulting in an uplift of conversions compared to more generic activity.

The right account based marketing software will allow you to identify potential leads, personalise your interactions with them and monitor progress through your marketing and sales funnels.

If you’re looking for account based marketing software for your business, view our guide and search the most popular products available today.

View our guide to the best account based marketing software

Account Based Marketing Software
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More about account based marketing software

Account based marketing is popular because it works. Being able to capture leads, qualify them and tailor their experience based on their persona allows you to use your marketing and sales resources more effectively.

Without software, this process can be lengthy and demanding on your teams. It’s much harder to identify high-quality leads and nurture them into buyers without algorithms and automation.

This is where account based marketing software comes in. With the right software in your stack you can make real progress with your strategy and create an environment where your sales and marketing teams are aligned, with the latest prospect data to hand when needed.

Account based marketing software

Is account based marketing software right for your business?

If your business favours an account based marketing approach already, investing in software to help you streamline your process and support your strategy makes sense. For businesses with a more traditional approach to sales and marketing, it may be better to consider whether this type of software would meet your needs.

The right account based marketing software becomes a valuable resource for your sales and marketing teams – offering the ability to send targeted, high impact content and campaigns to potential leads and existing customers based on data.

While you can find products which provide a specific area within account based marketing, like lead generation software, many businesses benefit from a more fully-featured ABM software.

What difference can account based marketing software make?

Implementing account based marketing software can result in many positives for your business, including:

Improved relationships with clients

Switching from more generic, catch-all marketing activity to truly personalised campaigns creates a stronger relationship with leads and clients – which can translate to increased loyalty over time.

Greater ability to service a large number of accounts

Without software that helps your teams to score leads and manage accounts effectively, the number that you can service is restricted. Account based marketing software makes it easier to handle multiple accounts without dropping quality.

More effective use of resources

Divert your attention to the leads and accounts that show the most promise, based on data, activity and algorithms. This information allows your sales and marketing teams to focus their time on nurturing relationships with key accounts.

Increased alignment between sales and marketing

Synergy between your sales and marketing teams is at the heart of account based marketing. Software helps to make this easier by becoming a central resource of customer data, sales pipelines and marketing campaigns.

Features of account based marketing software

Common features of account based marketing software

Although it’s a specific area of marketing, account based marketing software varies from tools designed just for lead management to full-featured ABM products with advanced marketing capabilities.

Here are some of the common features of account based marketing software:

Account management

Your new ABM software will become your go-to place to store and manage contact data for your accounts. Here you’ll be able to keep records up to date, track interactions and identify opportunities to engage.

Data-driven account lists

Build lists of leads to target with personalised, relevant content and marketing campaigns from within your dashboard. These lists allow you to focus your time on activities which are more likely to convert.

Personalised marketing campaigns

With account based marketing software, you’ll be able to create personalised campaigns that are based on data that you hold on your leads or customers and their interactions with you. Send content at the right time, to the right people, to achieve better results.

Analytics dashboards

Within your ABM software you’ll find a dashboard that displays everything you need to see at a glance. See what’s happening with your sales pipeline, how successful recent marketing campaigns were and run reports on the information that matters to you.

Cost of account based marketing software

How much does account based marketing software cost?

Like most types of software, account based marketing tools range from small and inexpensive to fully-featured products with price tags to match.

Many popular ABM software products are priced on a pay monthly basis, billed annually in advance or month-by-month. For example, CompassABM starts at £1,180 per month plus a setup fee. This may sound expensive but could provide you with a healthy return on investment.

Niche tools like Alter, which allows you to personalise your website for visitors, are often priced per use – in this case, less than 1p per website visitor.

It’s common for account based marketing software providers not to display their pricing online. In these cases, compare their product against others in our list then contact them for a custom quote.

Best account based marketing software

Choosing the best account based marketing software

Whether you already favour an account based marketing approach in your business or you’re changing tactics, it’s a good idea to consider your needs before you invest in software.

There are a range of tools available. Some cover one area of account based marketing, like lead generation or content delivery, whereas others are an all-in-one solution designed to power your marketing and sales activity. Consider whether the software you plan to use integrates with your existing technology stack, or whether you want to streamline your activity altogether.

When you’re clear on what you need your account based marketing software to do for you, browse through our list of products above. It’s been designed to help you make the right software choices for your business. For each product you’ll find key information like features and pricing (where it’s displayed publicly). You’ll also be able to read real, unbiased reviews from users about their experiences with the software.