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Ever heard the phrase, ‘marketing is a science’? Well, it’s true. And any scientific breakthrough is only possible after extensive testing.

Your adverts may be attracting a decent amount of attention; your emails may be getting quite a few replies. That’s good. But through A/B testing, also known as split-testing, your success will only grow.

A/B testing software is used to optimise your conversion rates. By split-testing different versions of your content, you can easily find out which designs, which colours, which calls to action, etc, harvest the best results.

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A/B Testing Software
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More about A/B testing software

The number of website visitors you get is the exact number of opportunities you have to make a sale. Having people visit your website is great, but you want to get as many visitors as possible to take action.

A conversion rate optimisation tool, A/B testing software enables you to gather both qualitative and quantitative customer insights and use them to understand your clients and prospects. You can then optimise your content based on those insights.

This A/B testing process is most commonly delivered through gathering data on two variants of the same content so that you can compare which variant drives more conversions.

Of course, the metrics for conversion are unique for every sector, every company. For e-commerce, it will be product sales, for B2B businesses, it may be qualified leads generation.

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Is A/B testing software right for your business?

Similar to metrics for conversion being different for every company, the type of A/B testing software you choose should be dependent on your business model as well – there are a variety of different A/B testing software products on the market, and some will be more suitable to your business model than others.

For instance, if you’re in the media and publishing field, you may want to test variations of email sign-ups, recommended content, sharing buttons, or how offers are displayed. Improve in these areas and you could see an increase in visitors, readership and subscriptions.

Widely used in e-commerce as well, A/B testing software can improve areas such as the average order value, optimisation of the checkout funnel, and a reduction in the cart abandonment rate.

These are just two examples of the various industries whose top companies heavily rely on A/B testing software to offer their customers the most efficient and effective service.

What difference can A/B testing software make?

Using A/B testing software can bring numerous benefits around the optimisation of your content and the resulting uplift in conversions. They include:

Bounce rate reduction

Bounce rate is important. It always has been, always will be. And typically, because it’s so important, it’s hard to find ways to improve it. A/B testing software can certainly help though, by testing multiple variations of an element of your website until the best version is found. Naturally, this should improve bounce rate.

Guaranteed improvements

It all comes back to marketing being a science. A/B testing software allows you to compare and improve to your heart’s content. And this science is an exact science; it’s all based on statistically proven data. Even if you want to change something using instinct, there’s no harm in backing it up with a bit of A/B testing to see if your gut instinct has paid off.

Making low-risk modifications

You’ll always want to develop and make changes to your website, but there’s always that fear that if you change too much, performance will actually suffer rather than improve. With A/B testing software, you can make step-by-step changes while monitoring the performance of each tweak. This reduces the risk of damaging your conversion rate.

Pain point resolution

Your website visitors usually have a specific goal in mind. But if there’s an aspect of their customer journey that isn’t fluid, there’s a chance they’ll lose interest. It may even be as simple as a hard to find CTA button. A/B testing software can root out these issues and work on resolving and optimising them.

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Common features of A/B testing software

With frequent technological advances resulting in more dynamic and complex online experiences, you’ll want A/B testing software that keeps up with the demands of your website and content, and how they need to develop to meet your customers’ needs. Here are some of the common features you should expect from any quality A/B testing software.

Easy to use modules

A/B software is clever, but it doesn’t have to be confusing. Choosing a product your whole team is comfortable using will only improve productivity and teamwork. A visual editor will help towards this, and it means less reliance on a developer.

Real-time reporting

Comprehensive A/B testing software should include the option to view stats and results in real time. This enables you to make changes and improvements instantly – enhancing productivity and performance in the quickest fashion possible.

Support for dynamic websites

You may only have a single-page site with minimum content. That’s fine, but most websites are pretty complex these days, and you may want yours to be as well in the future. Regardless, software that supports dynamic websites is a sign of the product’s versatility.


Gone are the days where you have to fire up a desktop to look at a website. So, make sure your software can segment experiments by device, and by browser.

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How much does A/B testing software cost?

What’s your budget? That’s one of the first questions you’ll want to consider before diving into the market. Once you’ve determined how much you want to spend, you can use that as the first filter for considering what products suit your requirements.

The A/B testing market is growing considerably. Businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of optimising their content as a method for attracting the biggest market share possible. But although there are many products to choose from – and at varying prices – once you’ve decided on your budget, you can then look at what some of the products still on your consideration list offer in terms of features related to your needs.

For instance, Zoho’s PageSense A/B testing software has an impressive range of features within its Standard £14 per month subscription. This is one of their packages that’s suitable for small businesses, and its limitations are that it covers three projects for websites that have up to 10,000 monthly visitors. If you’re a small business with 5000 monthly visitors, Freshmarketer from Freshworks offers a Sprout package that is free. There’s then the option to grow your Sprout into a Garden from around £122 per month if your site finds itself having a growth spurt of up to 50,000 visitors.

With such a rich market of products, finding one that perfectly suits your budget and needs is certainly achievable.

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Choosing the best A/B testing software

You’ve got your budget in mind, you’ve noted down your site stats and you’ve made a predicted growth plan.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to start looking. You can use to do just that. We list all the best and most popular A/B testing software providers, and our site is kept up to date with the latest developments and the newest providers and offers.

As well as comparing prices, features and vital product information, you can rest assured you're making an informed choice on thanks to the authorised user reviews. These have been submitted by businesses who have already been through the process you’re about to delve into; and ultimately, there’s no better reference than reviews from companies just like yours.

Once you’re a bit clearer on what kind of CRM software will benefit your business most, you can use the handy tables and guides to help you find the most suitable, most valuable package for your needs. Compare CRM software features, look at the ratings, and explore the benefits of each product to give you an informed breakdown of which product you should invest in.