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360-degree feedback software

There are many types of HR software available, but 360-degree feedback software can be especially helpful for businesses that value performance highly.

This type of software allows you to collect feedback about an employee from managers, their team and customers. In turn, this can be used to further develop your staff and improve the service that you offer to customers.

If you are seeking 360-degree feedback software for your business, view our guide and search the most popular products available today.

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360 degree feedback SOFTWARE
360 Degree Feedback Software
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More about 360-degree feedback software

Performance feedback is an integral part of many appraisal processes. By speaking to managers you can share compliments and concerns with your staff, before using this feedback to create tailored personal development plans.

You can take this process one step further with ‘360-degree’ feedback, which takes into account comments from everyone that your employees interact with. This includes managers, team members, suppliers and customers.

Collecting information from so many sources is often time-consuming and difficult to manage. 360-degree feedback software is designed to make the process more simple and save you time when collecting and analysing feedback about your staff.

This type of HR software makes it easy to design and distribute surveys to gather ratings and comments on your teams and the work that they do. You’ll also be able to view dashboards and statistics that relate to the feedback data you have captured.

360-degree feedback software

Is 360-degree feedback software right for your business?

If you would like a greater insight into how others view the work of your teams, then 360-degree feedback software is a powerful addition to your business.

For many managers, collecting feedback is a lengthy process which takes time away from other areas of work. It requires someone to create a survey template, consider questions, distribute questionnaires and interpret the data once it has been received.

If you currently run your feedback process manually, switching to 360-degree feedback software could save you time, increase consistency and encourage better participation from everyone involved.

What difference can 360-degree feedback software make?

Introducing 360-degree feedback software can help you to understand how others perceive your business in many ways, including:

Understanding the general sentiment of groups

Regular surveys sent internally and to suppliers and customers provide you with valuable data on how you are performing and areas to improve on.

Highlighting top-performing staff

Identify your highly performing employees more easily and reward them for the great work they’ve done. You can also pinpoint staff who may need some extra support.

Tracking feedback over time

As time goes on, you’ll be able to compare data from one survey to the next. This means you can track whether feedback is more positive and identify any ongoing weaknesses.

Managing comments more effectively

The appraisal process can be time-consuming and frustrating for everyone involved. 360-degree feedback software helps you to capture and review feedback more easily.

Features of 360-degree feedback software

Common features of 360-degree feedback software

360-degree feedback software allows you to create, send and analyse surveys on the performance of your employees. To do this, the software has a range of features designed to streamline the processes, including:

Survey templates

Make your questionnaires more consistent by creating a template once and reusing it for future surveys. These survey templates can be categorised, customised and adapted to suit your goals.

Question database

Create surveys quickly using a database of questions that you’ve used previously or which have been set by your team. Many 360-degree feedback software products also come with a library of standard questions for you to choose from.

Participant selector

Build a diverse list of people to send your feedback surveys to directly through the software. You’ll be able to create a pool of participants based on different factors, such as their relationship with your business.

Analytics dashboard

Create and analyse reports that feature data from your surveys. Identify trends, scores and themes across results and display these in a way that’s easy for teams to understand.

Cost of 360-degree feedback software

How much does 360-degree feedback software cost?

Every software purchase is an investment in your business, so it’s important to feel that the product you choose offers value for money.

360-degree feedback software is usually priced per employee on a monthly or yearly contract. Most software providers make it easy for you to scale your plan up or down to meet changes in your structure.

Because every business is different, many 360-degree feedback software providers invite you to try a demo before sharing their pricing model with you. This helps you to compare products based on how they work and their features without being tempted by a slightly lower price than a competitor.

Some providers do list their pricing however, like Spidergap. With Spidergap you can expect to pay from £79 per employee; a price that drops with the more employees you have.

If you want to invest in a more fully-featured HR software, CakeHR has a performance module that includes 360-degree feedback priced at £3 per employee per month.

Best 360-degree feedback software

Choosing the best 360-degree feedback software

So how do you choose the right 360-degree feedback software for your business? It can be tough to compare between products, which is why at we bring you an easier way to find the best software.

The first step is to understand how 360-degree feedback software will fit into your business. Think about your needs and how comprehensive you need your software to be. Are you introducing a new feedback process or simply changing software? It can help to make a list of the functions and features that matter most to you.

Once you’ve thought about how your business will use this type of software, it’s time to start comparing. You can use our dedicated search above or browse from our list of 360-degree feedback software to create a shortlist, based on useful information like pricing and features. There’s also real user reviews to help you get a feel for the product and the impact it has had on other companies like yours.